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TCR fm

What is TCR fm?

TCR fm (Total Choice Radio) is a radio station ran by the young people of Tamworth, for the young people of Tamworth. TCR fm broadcasts live over Tamworth and local areas run completely by our team of volunteers ages 12 - 24, most of which had no prior radio experience before joining us.

All TCR fm volunteers go through the TCR fm media course where we teach everyone how to use the studio and how to make a radio show. You just need the creativity to decide what to put it your show. This type of radio station is called a Restricted Service Licence station (RSL). This means that we can transmit on FM radio for 28 days at a time twice a year.

TCR stands for " Total Choice Radio ". The idea behind the station is just that, to give young people total choice of what they do and listen to. Our presenters have choice in what they play and theres usually something for everyone, no matter what your taste in music. And if you dont hear what you like then tell us and we'll do something about it . Larger radio stations dont always play requests but TCR fm is one big request show.

Why should I join TCR fm?

TCR fm can give you training and experience of working in radio, whether its just something you want to do professionally, maybe you just love a particular type or music or you're just interested in the technology behind radio. The media world is usually a very difficult one to get into.

TCR fm is your chance to have a go at helping to run a radio station.

We'll train you in our purpose built studio and give you a chance to join our live broadcasts across Tamworth. You'll get new skills, learn all about radio and it'll look great on your CV. There are loads of things to do, its not just about DJing. We need presenters and CO-presenters, newsreaders, journalists, technical people, studio assistants and more.

By becoming a member of TCR fm you will receive the following:-
TCR fm media course including
• Unit 1: Technical Operation
• Unit 2: Radio Presentation
• Unit 3: Radio Production
• Unit 4: News Production
• Unit 5: Computer Editing & Interviews
• Unit 6: Recording & Producing A Show

• Certificate of Achievement when completing the media course
• Use of the TCR fm studio for related activities (for training & available on request)
• CD's & Mini Discs to record your audio onto
• TCR fm Member pack
• TCR fm Newsletter to keep you up to date
• Your own Showreel of audio from your live shows on CD or DVD (if you take part in a broadcast)
• Certificate of Completion & Appriciation (if you take part in a broadcast)

How do I join?
First, dont worry if you dont have experience. As long as you're interested and know what you like and dont like on radio, then we can help with the rest. Our target age range is 12 - 24 years but older and experienced people may still be taken on.

TCR fm is free to join but we have a £10 broadcast fee (payable before a broadcast). You get all of our free training and can then join in when we go live across Tamworth. The fee helps towards our licence costs which are not cheap! (Broadcast dates are confirmed during training)

Ask any questions before applying. Training includes the technical equipment, presenting tips, news, research and show peroration. You dont have to decide exactly what area you want to apply for yet, so you can learn it all and then decide how to join in with a broadcast.

Membership Pack
Now, you need a membership pack. Which can be downloaded here or you can request one by phone, text message, e-mail or post. As soon as we receive your form we will send you a welcome letter and membership card.

How do I get in touch with TCR fm?
If there is anything else you want to know about TCR fm then please feel free to get in touch on the details below.

E-mail: Text: Phone: Website: Send the word "TCR"
and your message to
01827 818028

Snail Mail
TCR fm
c/o Tamworth Youth Centre
Spinning School Lane
B79 7JN

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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